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At Maid to Order Custom Cleaning Inc., our approach is simple, our growth is controlled and our target market is clear.  We believe this enables us to continue providing a very high caliber of service and quality results in the cleaning industry.  


Currently, we are focused on a commercial clientele.  The commercial market is diverse and each client is unique. For these reasons, we offer a broad menu of service options for our clients to choose from.   

  • Clean entrance(s)

  • Clean reception areas

  • Clean and disinfect bathrooms

  • Clean and disinfect kitchen areas (sinks, counters, tables, chairs) 

  • Wash dishes

  • Clean small kitchen applicances

  • Clean large kitchen appliances

  • Sweep floors

  • Mop floors

  • Vacuum floors

  • Dusting

  • Collect garbages

  • Collect recycling

  • Dispose of garbage

  • Dispose of recycling

  • Clean and maintain stairwell(s)

  • Clean meeting rooms and/or boardrooms

  • Clean windows (interior)

  • Clean doors (interior)

  • Address specific cleaning requests from the client

Do you require spring cleaning? Inquire with us, we may be able to help you with that!

Clean ceiling vents and registers • Clean light fixtures • Clean baffle walls • Carpet cleaning • Dusting • Wash walls


Specialty Services – you may also inquire about:

Move in / Move out cleaning • Stripping / waxing of hard surfaces • Burnishing • Commercial carpet cleaning





Government Facilities

Court Houses/ Libraries

Business Development Offices

Medical Facilities

Medical Offices

Dental Offices

Real Estate

Financial Offices/ Banks

Lawyers Offices

Crown Corporations

Industrial Offices

Utility Companies

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